Concentrated Lotions

A line of intensive and active extracts in concentrates for salon and retail use.

Each concentrate will target a different skin concern. Concentrates can be used alone or in a synergy of several, customising to clients needs depending on their skin concerns.


Cod. C415

Cosmetic effective ingredients: glycolic acid, lemon fruit ext., orange fruit ext., bilberry extract.

A gentle peeling concentrate with pH 4.5 containing a mix of fruit extracts and glycolic acid of 10%, for a gentle exfoliation of regular use for skin luminosity and smoothness.


Cod. C411

Cosmetic effective ingredients: rosa centifolia flower extract, panthenol, hydrolyzed oat protein, sodium hyaluronate, allantoin, serine, sorbitol, urea with a moisturizing and calming effect.
A blend of moisturising natural extracts for dehydrated skin, improving overall skin hydration, smoothness and softness.


Cod. C705

Cosmetic effective ingredients: lavandula angustifolia extract, taraxacum officinalis extract, bisabolol, allantoin, cynaria scolymus extract, laminaria saccharina extract.

Anti-bacterial concentrate for acne and comedone tissue. It oxygenates and protects the cells and stimulates culture of some tissues. Re-balances the hydro-lipidic connector.


Cod. C406

Cosmetic effective ingredients: horse chestnut seed ext., horsetail ext., bilberry ext., bisabolol, panthenol B5, beta-glucan for repairing capillaries and anti-redness.

A concentrated fluid for couperose skin (with broken capillaries) and sensitive skin. It improves micro-circulation, soothes redness giving immediate comfort, clarity and a calmed complexion.


Cod. C408

Cosmetic effective ingredients: extracts of green tea leaf, allantoin, mushroom extract and hydrolyzed oat protein.

A concentrate for the reduction of enlarged pores, soothing skin irritations and gently purifying.


Cod. C407

Cosmetic effective ingredients: extracts of enchinacea, allantoin, hydrolized oat protein, aloe, chamomile, hops, bilberry, hyaluronic acid, B5, beta-glucan.

Concentrate developed for sensitive skin that is subject to irritation and skin redness. Rich in relaxing and soothing natural extracts and moisturising ingredients, it restores skin well-being, clarity and health.


Cod. C412

Cosmetic effective ingredients: AHA from sugar cane, lemon fruit and orange fruit ext., bilberry ext., soy isoflavones, apricot juice for an anti-wrinkle, anti-aging effect.

Fluid rich in a blend of antioxidants for mature skin, this product increases skin’s cellular activity. It prevents and soothes out small wrinkles, fine lines and combats loss of elasticity.


Cod. C414

Cosmetic effective ingredients: hyaluronic acid and horsetail extract, soluble collagen, hydrolysed algin, chlorella vulgaris ext., sea water for improving skin elasticity & collagen.

Concentrate rich in phyto-collagen with strong firming action, increasing skin collagen and elasticity, giving it vitality and well-being. It gives skin hydration and nourishment. It is indicated as an anti-wrinkle and anti-age treatment booster


Cod. C405

Cosmetic effective ingredients: sodium
bicarbonate, ivy leaf/stem ext., horse chestnut seed extract.

A concentrate with alkaline pH to be used on localised area of face as a desincrustation product for softening sebaceous debris or impurities in pores before extraction. This product must be washed off and should not be mixed with the Oxygen Mask. It can be used with a steamer.


Cod. C404

Cosmetic effective ingredients: Hydrolized wheat protein, peppermint oil, bilberry ext., faex ext., horse chestnut seed ext., lemon fruit ext., orange fruit ext., sugar cane ext.

A concentrate with strong restoring and revitalising action on skin scars, improving skin elasticity and firmness for renewed softness and smoothness.


Cod. C409

Cosmetic effective ingredients: extracts of olive oil, lavender oil, thyme oil, yarrow extract, chamomile ext., helichrysum italicum extract, passionflower, tilia vulgaris flower (linden flower) extract forbalancing oil secretion and soothing action.

A concentrated dry oil to help balance oily, mixed and impure skins, removing the greasy feeling. Ideal for deep cleansing of the T-zone and other areas with over-sebaceous activities, leaving the skin fresh and bright.


Cod. C413

Cosmetic effective ingredients: bilberry ext., AHA of lemon and orange, sugar cane, algae, allantoin.

Concentrate rich in nourishing and revitalising ingredients that are specific for aged and atrophic tissue, and for
more active skin regeneration support. It stimulates skin renewal, helping it to regain and maintain its vitality, elasticity and radiance.