Glycolic Acid is a type of AHA for removing excess dead skin cells by dissolving the glue (ceramides and glycoproteins) that holds them together, stimulating new cells from underlying tissues to the surface.
Rosactive glycolic acid can also stimulate production of new cells from the basal layer and also collagen production. The Glycolic acid used by Rosactive was inspired by the scientific test and approach of Dr. Romulo Mene (the founder of AHA for anti-ageing purposes). This protocol is not based on a pH shock but to have the skin accustomed to the AHA gradually. Therefore, there is no need for the use of a pre-peel or a neutraliser, with less chance of exposing the skin surface to high alkaline neutralisers that weakens the skin’s natural defence and immune system.


Cod. C903

40% glycolic acid with pH 2.0

A multi-purpose exfoliation product with anti-ageing effect. It controls excessive sebum production (on oily skin), speeds up the vehiculation of active ingredients into the skin layers, reinforces the barriers of capillaries and veins, and promotes the production of new collagen based on the fibroblast activity. It can be used on face and body area.


Cod. C901

10% glycolic acid with pH 3.2.

A gentle exfoliation product for use on the face as well as the delicate eye contour area.